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Paw-Some Pals

College students often have a lot on their plates. They try and balance school, jobs, and personal needs. Life can throw a curveball during college, and  handling it alone can be overwhelming. There are times when even our support system doesn't have time for us.

Having a friend who loves you unconditionally and revolves their whole day around you and getting to see you can make all the difference.That someone might be a furry four-legged friend. 

Many students at West Texas A&M University who have dogs, and find them to be a huge comfort while navigating through all that college can throw at you. Having a fur friend means that you always have someone looking forward to you coming home. They want to make you feel better when you’re sad, and love to celebrate when you're happy.

Rebeca Shepherd, a psychology major at WTAMU, got her dog Haggard while in college. Haggard may or may not have spent a lot of his puppyhood in a college dorm room, where he supported Shepherd in the loving way that only a pet can.

“Sometimes him greeting me at the door is all I need to turn my bad day around for the better,” Shepherd said.

For Shepherd, knowing she can return to Haggard at the end of the day makes her college struggles worth it.

Jenna Craig, an accounting major at WTAMU, lives off campus with her long-haired dachshund, Gyspy. They are quite the pair; they can be seen around Canyon or traveling to college rodeos together.

Taking on extra curricular activities on top of classes can be quite a lot to juggle. There are times when Craig needs a pick-me-up, which is where Gypsy comes in.

Craig said, “[Dogs] just give you happy vibes.”

There are times when we all need someone there to love us and support us. Sometimes that someone has four paws and doesn't even show how much joy they are bringing into our lives.

We cross paths with individuals during our college career that help get us through all the good times and the bad times. These are friends that help you more than they will ever know. Sometimes these friends don’t even have to speak words in order to change our lives.

As Shepherd said, “My dog has helped me through the lowest of lows the past three years of college and he doesn’t even know it.”

By: Aften Peterson

Staff Writer

Artwork Created by Hailee Cox

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