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  • Eternal Flame


By: Shalom-Enoch Yessuff


Original Image From: Shalom-Enoch Yessuff

Life goes on

We lift our chins and mend our bonds.

We enlighten our spirits

and then pretend to be strong

and hopefully after long

the pretending will be gone.

I suppose that life goes on,

we just gotta adapt and respawn.

A matter of right and wrong

belongs to us moving along

living beyond what’s far gone.

Paralyzed on the floor

how earth could I respond

At a loss for words

just stuck upon the song

Titled “Staying Alive”

Irony had dawned

and risen upon the horizon

leaving me as a pawn

questioning his being.

While being in a state of disorientation

thoughts in condensation

but void of contemplation.

What is going on

What is this unforgiving sensation?

Losing someone you love

is such a confusing situation

asking all the questions

you don’t wanna take it into consideration.

The denial sets in

that comes without hesitation

but the truth leaks in your doubts

and then begins all the aching

both physical and spiritual,

emotions are lost with your patience.

You can’t pretend not to feel

but you cannot feel, you hate this;

But there’s no way to escape this

You just have to face this.

He’s gone and his name was Brayden,

a noble man with no patience

Since day one of school

we ran together through our races

you always finished first

now hold my seat I know you’re waiting

One day we’ll be together

but for now my dreams are taping

I will take all your stories

and I’ll make spin-offs for the ages

and when my time comes

I’ll be remembered for my pages

I’ll be a billionaire

with a smile that was contagious

This life here is outrageous

Shout to my brother Justin

Stew finna make his pro debut

it was only yesterday

when we were ballin out brand new

sweating rocks at the park

Original Image From: Shalom-Enoch Yessuff

What else was there to do

and now I see my bro in his groove

he not just making big moves

he moves with a big attitude,

the type of energy that got you knowing

his movie is coming out soon

this life stuff happened so soon

Lord knows I can’t complain

after all that I have gained.

My mind wants Him to explain

but now I know that’ll be in vain.

There are some things we cannot change.

Even though it drives us insane

even though we feel all the pain

we have to float with the yin and yang.

Step by step and left then right

I know that we can do it if we pray

I’m never lost as the map, call me cap

I know that I can do this all day

I just got different colors in my veins

in the past few years. It's changed.

As I sought to find myself

as I learned to spell my name

I’ve come to respect myself more

and look upon my peers in shame.

Why do we say that we’ll be there

and then there’s no love to be obtained.

Why do we suffer in total silence

and ignore those who share the pain

I mean how could we complain.

I don’t get it, could someone explain

My bro passed not long ago

I’m still tryna make sure that I’m sane.

We played when we were twelve

and then till college we still trained

we lost some crew along the way

the boys from school I’ll spare the names.

We tried the senior trip

before we went off in separate ways.

We attempted one last chat

in group chat.

We typed and sat and no one came.

We dusted our feet and said goodbye.

We still had each other in this game.

Original Image From: Shalom-Enoch Yessuff

Life is a fickle sport

can’t let people go and come in vain.

When we all got the news

suddenly everyone’s intentions change.

Why are you upset he’s gone

when you didn’t plan to see him anyways?

Please excuse my mind

I know I’m not alone in this loss.

Please excuse my thoughts

I just need to vent out what I got.

It’s not just a brother that’s gone

I feel this has a greater cost.

The aftermath of the episode

has left me facing what I have fought.

It was my one last fear.

I thought I would never get caught

from the downsides of this path

of this whole journey to the top.

I spent my days alone before

some things changed but that has not

I used to have anxiety

about being left out the whole lot.

Just another immigrant boy that’s

frozen out of this melting pot,

but as you grow you learn.

I learned I’m more that what I got

I got 42 bucks in my account

but I’m more than what I bought.

I gotta have a rich spirit.

Yeah I’m just cruising on my yacht

feet in water, head in stars.

How on Earth could my essence ever rot?

This is all that I fought for;

This is everything that I’m pursuing.

Like Phineas in the backyard,

Bella asks me what I’m doing.

I said I’m that I’m recruiting.

While building off our Earth’s ruins

I’m on GOD’s squad now.

soon they’ll all say that they knew me.

I’m special like Jose Mou,

You know we vibing in shine or snow.

My ego stronger everyday

feeling Bryan but I talk like Stewie.

Plotting out my world scheme.

It’s total madness how I’m moving.

RIP Chadwick.

Ima keep the panther grooving

RIP Jahseh.

I’ll never stop making music

RIP Mac.

My life view will stay amusing.

RIP Brayden Autry.

RIP Braybug.

RIP Rooney.

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