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The True Meaning of College

Walking across the stage at the First United Bank Center and receiving a diploma in front of family and friends is a huge moment.  The memories in college will never be forgotten, and the tassel proves it. For the students still reading up on those books, studying, and frequenting their favorite coffee shop; current students are planning on doing the extraordinary.  West Texas A&M has numerous on campus organizations from; Student Government, KWTS, The Prairie, among others that all prepare students for life after college. It provides a "get away '' from class that allows students to meet and gain memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

“Get involved and be present. WT offers so many clubs and organizations that there is something for everyone. When I was an undergrad, I made the mistake of just going to classes and then going home. I was so involved with student media at Amarillo College, that I needed a break and I know that I felt a sense of betrayal towards AC on my part if I would have allowed myself to get involved at WT” shared Maddisun Fowler a 2015 WT Grad from the Mass Media Department. 

A huge misconception students have is that their college memories are limited to WT grounds.

“The most memorable experience also involves basketball. It has taken me to many different places and I think the most memorable place would probably be Seattle, Washington.” Lexy Hightower, a senior majoring in electronic media broadcasting shared how much fun she had bonding with her teammates and how well her team performed. Spending time with friends can make time feel as if it’s flying by. Creating the memories at the time might not feel as if they are being made until you look back on your time in college. Doing that one offbeat thing, going to that one event, or becoming friends with someone out of your wheelhouse just might be for the better. Just take a step back in the process before the moment is over and realize what fun you are having. 

Logan Nelson, a WT English Graduate student,  shared this piece of advice; 

“enjoy your time here and the friends you’ve made. Savor every moment and the happiness, because after graduation you get wrapped up with work or your graduate level courses. You can never get this time and these experiences back, enjoy it for everything that they are worth. Make those connections forever!” 

Putting school first is definitely a good idea, but get out of your comfort zone! That’s how you’re going to make the most of this time! 

“Going back in time, I wish I‘d had my own special show on KWTS. Other than that, I have no regrets. I wouldn’t trade my time at WT for the world. I met some of the best people on this planet, had the opportunity to learn from some of the best professors I’ve ever met and honestly, I’m so thankful that I’m still friends with everyone.” Fowler said.

Joining a club, organization or greek life may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as you find your niche, the more comfortable you’ll  be.You just talked about getting out of your comfort zone so maybe rephrase this end part. Maybe you could say something about how to get comfortable you have to start in an uncomfortable way and that’s okay.

“Get out of your room and join an organization that actively participates on campus or in the community. I joined greek life my second semester and have never been bored  when I made the decision. You have to put the effort into making a change with your life,” Chloe Ellison, junior, computer infographics systems major said.

College does not have to be scary. By applying oneself, doing things before graduation means that you can go out of your comfort zone and apply yourself. Students tend to get caught up in studying and do not live the full college experience. College doesn’t have to be scary and all about studying. 

“The best advice I can give to any college student is don’t try to be perfect in college because you won’t be. Do not be a hermit, have fun, and make memories. That’s what it’s all about!

Carter Hall

Staff Writer

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