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Letter to Future Me

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

By: Raquel R. Mercado


Dear Future Me,

This letter is bound to bring you tears, whether those tears are of sadness or joy, only you will know. I hope they will be of joy by remembering all the wonderful memories and remembering all the obstacles you overcame. What is going through your mind right now is only temporary, but you will be happy and proud of yourself to know that you have overcome all. While remembering the challenging times, it is also important to remember the good people that were there for you and helped you create amazing memories.

Remember when you were a first-year student and feared not making friends? The second day of orientation proved you wrong because you met Daniela, who became one of your greatest friends. The instant bond over BTS and being shy to even say it aloud. Travelling to Santa Fe together, sleeping squished together in the tiny dorm beds, staying up late crying together while doing homework, and so much more. She may be graduating soon, but that doesn’t mean the memories will stop. How is future Daniela? Is she living in Dallas like she always wanted to?

Is graduate school going good for Rosalinda? She was always stressed over it when she knew she was going to do well. When you least expected it, Rosalinda turned into your best friend. While she may not have known, she encouraged you to get in touch with your inner self and open the third eye that you didn’t even know existed. The laughs, the polaroid photos, the shopping, it was always fun. Remember when you went to Houston to stay with her for two weeks? You went crazy there! Dyed your hair, got a nose piercing, and spent all your savings. But it was fun, and you were happy to be making memories that would last a lifetime.

Even though the school year wasn’t over, and there were still memories to be made—specifically the road trip to Dallas and the Bad Bunny concert—graduation was around the corner. Two important people in your life were graduating, and you felt left behind academically. It was a tough time mentally trying to encourage yourself to continue with school when it was only going to be you now. The constant thought in the back of your mind while creating memories and trying to push it away. You knew you could overcome it though. It is a part of life, and everyone has their own path. It was a very bittersweet year, but you knew the memories would not stop. I hope that you are happy now and on your own path creating new connections and memories. Always remember that you are not who you were in the past and bigger and greater things are always headed your way! You got this!

Love, Raquel from 2021

Original Image by Raquel R. Mercado

Original Image by Raquel R. Mercado. Original Artwork by Daniela Cervantes.

Original Image by Raquel R. Mercado.

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