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Relating Through Entertainment

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

By: Johnny Lawhon


Original Graphic by Johnny Lawhon.

Since the early 1930s, television shows have been a part of people’s lives. But what does watching TV shows mean to today’s younger generation of college students? A few WTAMU students spoke out about this very topic.

College life can be hectic, and at times it can be hard to find time to do things besides school work, but TV shows are an outlet for just about everyone. The Eternal Flame sent out a survey asking WT students what watching their favorite shows means to them. 14 WT students took the survey and answered the question, “Why do you watch your favorite shows?”. Ten of those students replied “It makes me feel relaxed, 9 said “It helps me decompress, and 5 stated “It’s an escape. Also, 2 WT students said they like to talk about their favorite shows on social media, and 2 others stated it makes them feel a part of a group. One WT Student talked about why she watches her shows.

“The reason I watch them is because I usually don’t get a lot of downtime, and it’s one of the ways that I can like really relax and enjoy myself, and it’s kind of like a self-therapy thing.” Junior Digital Communications Major Caylee Hanna said.

Moreover, it seems that some students find it hard to have much downtime, except when it comes to turning on their favorite shows. But it also appears that there are other reasons students watch TV shows, like feeling connected, and relating to others.

Original Image by Johnny Lawhon

After everything that happened in society last year with the pandemic, connecting and maintaining relationships is more important than ever. WT Student Jessika Fulton talked about what watching her favorite shows has done for her and her life. She stated that she had actually made friendships through watching the proclaimed Netflix show “You". She related to her closest friends because of this show, and also related to classmates and in turn became friends with them.

“Because we were able to laugh at how he committed the murders, and just joke about the characters. So, it brought me and some of my acquaintances very close.” Junior Advertising and Public Relations major Jessika Fulton said.

Moreover, it seems that television shows are still an important and almost vital part of today’s society. Anyone can access their favorite shows on any smart devices they may have, and now with streaming services being so popular, the way people can relate through entertainment is almost limitless. Therefore, the next time anyone out in the world feels disconnected from friends and family, just think about your favorite shows, and all the moments through entertainment you have shared with the ones you love.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Jessika Fulton's first name.

Original Image by Johnny Lawhon.

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